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OurColony.net: The First Rule of Viral Marketing Club Is... - Video Games Ate My Brain

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Penny Arcade

April 8th, 2005

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03:40 pm - OurColony.net: The First Rule of Viral Marketing Club Is...
With the race to be the best next-gen console well underway, Microsoft is getting the buzz out (quite literally) with OurColony.net, a website that swears up and down it's not a Alternate Reality Game, and has the mascot of a insect (which personally reminds me of a Coheed and Cambria design], but that's another story.) The gamem8ker, the head of this place, invites one and all to join up and form colonies to answer questions, solve riddles and the like for a greater prize. At first, it would appear that this has nothing to do with anything at all, but there are a few things that give it away.

First, the flash-goo portal that you see when you first go to the website. Refresh it enough times, and you'll eventually see what looks like a powerbutton. Look closely at your X-Box, and it pretty much looks like the same one. Two, the first riddle has to do with finding the ISBN number of a book about the X-Box. Three... well, just look at all the other teams. Team X-Box, Project Xenon? C'mon...

Supposedly, the rewards for completing these puzzles are glimpses into Microsoft's next X-Box, but at this time I really do not know because I'm not in a team. Unfortunately, the website is buggy to say the least? I haven't been able to confirm if I've actually been logged on, but we do have our own little place there. If you want to play along, I made a colony (hopefully) which is called "Chemical-X.NET". So, if you want to join in, all you have to do is:

1) Go to the website, and type in play at the prompt.
2) Click on join existing team.
3) Type in the password : 71886851 when it prompts you to. (Alternatively, 60875921 for the furry colony...)
4) Fill out some basic heueristics. (Nothing major :P.)
5) If you make it this far, post on the forums they have set up?

I can't even get into the place myself, the colony grows too quickly it seems. I'd say shame on Microsoft and insert something witty, but Microsoft jokes are old hat and write themselves.

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